Sizes and Prices

Price List And Sizes Of Prints For Sale

(Shipping costs Not included)

((Missouri State Residence are also charged Sales Tax.))

(It is Best to make contact for shipment)

8X10 Inch Print $35.00

11X14 Inch Print $45.00

13X19 Inch Print $50.00

16×20 Inch Print $60.00

20×30 Inch Print $70.00

((Note = At This Time I Do NOT Sell Frames The Price is for Photographic Prints ONLY))


Photographic Services On Location (Photographer for Hire)

On Location or In Private Home Photographic Service Charges :

Setup and Hourly Rate= $100.00 Per Hour – This Charge Includes, photo session, one (1) unedited Compact Disk (C.D.), converted to JPG, of ALL Photographs made in that hour of time (or longer if the need arises, and therefore subject to higher cost for retakes).   The photo session will be at the discretion of the client(s) as to the location (i.e. Public Park, Home, Office, ect.)

No Travel expenses, UNDER the mileage of, and not exceeding that of, thirty five (35) statute land miles by shortest route, Round Trip.   Added cost of $1.00 per mile, round trip over that of thirty five statute land miles.

Editing and Prints are an additional charge (depending on size and quantity) AND If any “cosmetic surgery” would be done on photographs selected.

Package Programs Available for individual and family sessions (costs and fees, depending on size and quantity).

For Advertisement Use Of Any Photograph – $120.00 U.S.D. For One Time Use

To Purchase The Original Image File (Or Negative) Please Make Contact With Me

((ALL prices are subject to change, at my discretion))

James R. Kyle, Photographer