Notes – On Photography – My Way


Here is how I work a camera — Digital…..

Some people as well as other Photographers ask of me… “What do YOU do, when You “work” the camera (any camera)….?”

As I want the Best Print I can from ANY image file (RAW) I take the time, workmanship and the craftsmanship, as I did in the “Film Era” of photography…

I make use of “LIVE-VIEW” (this is like “Mirror-Lock-Up”) on the Canon 5D MarkII and 60D…. As in “Low-Light” the auto-focus gives me LESS then Best focus in these Low Light conditions with a variety of lenses. (i.e.= the Canon 24-105mm and the Canon 70-200mm… AND ALWAYS ON a TRIPOD – I.S. is OFF.

I take the “Live-View” and use it as I would a “View Camera” – (i.e.= Ansco 8X10 and or a Crown Graphic 4X5)….

Using this procedure – I::

First use auto-focus to set the image – to get the focus in the “ballpark”…

Second, I turn on the Live-View and increase the magnification to 10X. (And as the “Live-View” is engaged The auto-focus is suspended for the time the “Live-View” is on.)

Third, I often use a “jeweler’s loop” to even get MORE magnification on the LCD ..

Fourth, I re-focus to get the image the sharpest that the lens will deliver to the sensor..

Fifth, I set the f-stop to what I wish to achieve in the final Print.  ((If I am wishing to use H.D.R. = I use a “Spot-Meter” and meter the dark area I wish to have to values show. – I meter the Mid-areas to set on, perhaps, “zone 5” and perhaps adjust a little after that – I meter the blights of a given area that I wish to have the values show. I place those readings on the “spread” of where the 3 photos will be captured, sometimes I make a second set of 3 but “Shift” either down or up-scale to what I wish to achieve in the Final Print.))

Sixth, As I Use Aperture Priority, I am not concerned about the shutter speed (that is UNLESS I am in Total manual mode.) and finally I open the shutter and capture the Image in RAW.

This is much easier to show than to write and have someone comprehend ….

AND .. As Always — This is the way of my thinking of what I do… Other might have another way, and that is good – Whatever works for the Photographer behind the camera.

James R. Kyle 1-2-2013 STL,MO